AD 517 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, 2017-18 Spring

Course Instructor: Attila Odabaşı
Classroom: EMBA, Class schedule: WWW345,
Office Hours: Th 14:00-15:00 or by appoinment

Course Description:

The course focuses on the application of financial theory to the issues and problems of investment. Course coverage includes portfolio optimization and asset allocation, the basics of bond pricing and debt portfolio management, the theory of asset pricing models and their implications for investment as well as techniques for evaluating investment management performance. 

News and Announcements :
May 9, 2018 Final exam is comprehensive. That means you are responsible from main ideas covered  by the midterm exam (Ch's 5, 6 and 7) as well as the main topics covered in Ch's 9, 10 (FF-3 factor), 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22 and 21 (partially). The format will be similar to the one of the midterm.
[Feb 20, 2018] Please take note that the link to portfolio simulation is:
The pass to the game will be provided in class.

Course Outline


Reading Material[BKM]


 Assignments, Additional Material

Course Introduction, Syllabus

ch 1




Asset Classes, Mutual Funds, Historical Returns

ch 2,4,5

Assets,  Inv_Com, Risk_return

Trading and Markets

ch 3


Simulation_handout, Trading_Temp,
Asset allocation ch 6  Asset_Allocation   BIST_daily_stock_data
Portfolio optimization, many assets ch 7  Portf_many_assets   Problem_set_1, S01
 Problem_set_2, S02
 Problem_set_3, S03
Midterm week   Useful Formulas  

CAPM and factor models

ch 8,9 CAPM, SIM Problem_set_6, S06
Problem_set_7, S07
Problem_set_8, S08
Problem_set_9, S09
 EMH, behavioral biases ch 11,12 EMH   Problem_set_10, S10

 Equity Valuation

ch 17-19  Eq_Val  
 Spring break week       
Fixed Inc Sec ch 17-19  Bonds, Int_Risk_Mgmt   
Derivatives and hedgng ch 20-23 Futures
Portfolio Performance evaluation   ch 24   Solutions_Ch10-C16