AD 311 Business Finance - 2019-20 Fall

Course Instructor:        Attila Odabaşı
Office:      IB 403,           Phone: 212 359 6806
Schedule:                         TTT 234,  M1171
Office Hours:                   T 14:00-15:00 and Th: 12:00-13:00 or by appoinment,
Teaching Assistant:        TBA
Course Description
This first finance course in our curriculum will introduce you to basic concepts of business finance so you can solve basic financial management problems.
Please read the syllabus here.
“Principles of Corporate Finance", Brealey, Myers and Allen, McGrw-Hill, 2017, 12th Ed. (BMA)
News and Anouncements:
[Dec 2019] New! Assignment_3 is posted, due by Dec 25.
[Dec 2019] New Postings: Probs&Soltns_3, Sample_Final_4 and Sample_Final_5 as well as a few slide sets.
[Nov 2019] New! Assignments 1 and 2 are posted, both are due by Nov 12.
[Nov 2019] Midterm Exam will be given on Nov 12, 2019 in class, during class period.
Tentative Course Plan:
For your comfort, first download the following files with "Right click+Save as Target..." combination to your own PC then view them.
 Week of


 Slide Set


 Sept 24 Introduction to Corporate Finance  Intro 

 BMA Ch 1, 12

  Oct 01

 Time Value of Money


 BMA Ch 2

  Oct 08  Valuation - Bonds and Stocks   Bonds,  BMA 3, 4   
  Oct 15 Valuation - Bonds and Stocks  Stocks, S_Excl  BMA 3, 4   
  Oct 22 Comparison of Investment Criteria   Decision_Tools  BMA 5 Probs&Soltns_1
 Nov 05

DCF Analysis of Investment Decisions

NPV_RULE;   Assgn_1, Assgn_2,  BMA  6

Sample_Midterm_1, Sample_Midterm_2, Sample_Midterm_3

 Nov 12  MIDTERM      
Nov 19   Risk and Return   Risk&Return,  BMA 7


 Nov 26  Portfolio_Theory   Portf_Theory   BMA 8      Sample_Final_4
 Dec 03

Project Analysis

 Project_Analysis    BMA 10, 11 Sample_Final_5 
 Dec 10  Cost of Capital   Cost_of_capital  BMA  9


 Dec 17  Review  Assign_3